What Are Building & Equipment Foundations? 

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(Click to Enlarge) Necessary for all load-bearing structures, the foundation of a building or a piece of equipment is critical for providing support and helping distribute load. Foundations allow the soil around them to take the pressure of a structure’s weight, rather than the building or equipment itself. An even load distribution plays an important […]

What Are Beams & Columns in Structural Engineering?

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(Click to Enlarge) Structural engineers need to factor in many aspects when determining an ideal building design. Stability is an essential factor in making sure that structures are secure and durable. Beams and columns are primary structural elements that support the entire weight of the building, along with environmental loads. They facilitate a firm load […]

Types of Structural Loads

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(Click to Enlarge) A load is a force that can cause stress and leads to deformation and acceleration. When a structure or component of a structure is subject to loads, it may become stressed or displaced. There are several structural load types, each of which requires unique considerations when designing and constructing a building or […]

What Is Construction Project Management?

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(Click to Enlarge) Expertly conducted project management is an essential component of every successful construction job. Construction project management involves a team of experts who define a project’s predetermined objectives and proceed to monitor their achievement. Project cost, time, scope, safety, and quality are all critical factors in construction work, and choosing the right project […]

The Importance of CAD Services in the Construction Industry

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Computer-aided design (CAD) software creates precise drawings of either two or three-dimensional models using X, Y, and Z coordinates. In the construction industry, CAD software streamlines the design, engineering, and construction process.  EDC Management Corp. provides hands-on construction management services to customers in commercial, agricultural, and industrial sectors. Our designers and engineers use advanced CAD […]

How to Effectively Run Construction Management for a Project

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With more than 130 years of combined experience, the designers, engineers, and project management consultants at EDC Management Corp. offer customized solutions for our clients in construction project management. Based in Wisconsin since 2013, we’ve managed and offered support on a wide range of building projects to ensure all quality and safety standards are met […]

The Structural & Mechanical Engineering Design Process


Structural & Mechanical Engineering design is the process of creating a solution based on a project brief provided by the client and preparing instructions to construct the solution. During this process, the design contractor must account for factors such as aesthetics, climate, regulations, and budget. These teams will generally include an architect and several engineers. […]