Since 2013, the team of engineers, designers, and construction management consultants at EDC Management has delivered significant results for companies in the industrial, commercial, and manufacturing sectors. Our team brings more than 130 years of collective industry experience to every project, making us one of the most experienced providers of scalable, customizable engineering solutions for a diverse range of sectors.

We can handle the most complex projects, with capabilities including:

  • Structural engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Construction design
    • Includes 2D & 3D CAD design
  • Construction management
  • Commercial construction
  • Industrial construction

Industries We Serve

EDC Management’s services span numerous industries and applications. We regularly work with customers in the following sectors.

Commercial & Office Buildings

Office Building

EDC offers design, construction, and retrofitting capabilities for commercial buildings, including office spaces featuring the latest design and working with local architects. We have extensive experience addressing usability, expansion, and efficiency challenges in new constructions and renovations.

Dam Facilities


Our holistic approach to dam-related projects incorporates structural engineering, including understanding the importance of working with FERC, owners & consultants related to natural resource management, geotechnical engineering, and underwater inspection. We ensure that planning and execution for all dam types meet federal and state design and safety requirements.

Government Projects


These projects require industry expertise and precision to adhere to tight standards, timelines, and specifications. Our team of experts can assist with mechanical and structural engineering for government construction projects, as well as design services, 2D and 3D modeling, and project management. To learn more and download our Spec Sheet, view our Government Industry page.

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

The EDC Management team can support projects across the wide-ranging industrial and manufacturing sector, with experience spanning clean rooms, process systems, fabrication floors, assembly lines, storage and warehousing, and more. Our firm contributes our deep experience in manufacturing and material handling to solve unique operational challenges. Subsets of the industrial sector include: 

General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing

We help our manufacturing clients design and build efficient, durable, and long-lasting structures that incorporate the latest material handling advancements. We provide expert design, construction, and project management to create an efficient and functional design that meets any industrial need.

Food Processing Facilities

Food Processing Facilities

We understand the stringent food safety regulations that must be adhered to in every project phase to provide safe and sanitary facilities that comply with FDA, USDA, GMP, and more.

Paper Mills

Paper Mills

We have completed many paper mill refits and building projects. Our mechanical and structural engineering and design capabilities enable us to produce detailed design plans for new and existing paper mills.

Power Plants

Power Plant

Our mechanical and structural engineers design and support projects for the ongoing operations of power plants. We have deep expertise in providing our clients with superior project management and cost-effective designs that meet or exceed the current codes, including the National Electrical Safety Code.

Specialty Packaging

Specialty Packaging

We can help you design and integrate specialized industrial process systems into your facility, including specialty packaging and converting set-ups. Our engineers can help you develop a brand new packaging line or retrofit/replace an existing packaging line.

Engineering, Design & Construction from EDC Management

EDC can handle all types of engineering, design, and construction. We work with municipal, commercial, manufacturing, and industrial customers across sectors to build high-performance facilities that exceed expectations. Contact us or submit a quote request to see how EDC Management can support your next building endeavor.