Meeting quality, scope, and function requirements while accounting for cost and safety is challenging for all construction projects. Construction management delivers end-to-end communication for financiers or project owners, architects, engineers, and contractors on site. The construction manager establishes seamless communication and support, taking hands-on action to ensure every aspect of the construction project meets the project owner’s expectations.

Our team of project management consultants, engineers, and designers at EDC Management has over 130 years of combined experience. We have managed a versatile range of building ventures and can provide end-to-end management and support for projects ranging from simple to highly complex.

Construction Management Capabilities at EDC Management

Our unique portfolio of project management services includes comprehensive construction management covering every stage of your project, including:

Scope Development

The scope breaks down all necessary work and milestones required to achieve project deliverables. The well-developed project scope will account for formal changes and maintain control of the time and budget. At EDC Management, we carefully design the project scope to account for all project goals and expectations.

Budget & Schedule Control

We use design drawings and schematics to estimate total project costs, relying on our expertise with procurement, building methodology, and economic systems. Our construction management develops a thorough timeline that accounts for budget constraints and stakeholder milestones, making strategic revisions when necessary. We also identify potential risks during the scheduling phase to ensure that the schedule aligns with the scope.

Design Applications

Our experienced designers and engineers use advanced technologies like 2D and 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to create graphical representations. Our team will handle new structural designs, modifications, specialized designs, mechanical engineering designs, drafts for standardization, and more.

Bid Development

Bidding allows the project owner to find qualified contractors based on experience, financial resources, human resources, and supervisory skills. As the construction management company, we will design a request for proposal (RFP) package that attracts bids from reliable providers and clarifies scope and schedule details to avoid misunderstandings.

Permit Acquisition

Licenses and permits are an important legal aspect of any construction project. Our team of construction management professionals will research and acquire all licenses, permits, and relevant legal documents to ensure the construction project is legally sound from start to finish.

Site Inspections

Routine inspections of the construction site are crucial to delivering a project that follows the allotted timeline and budget. Our team will regularly inspect the construction site and keep you informed of any changes and the overall project status.

Subcontractor Coordination

All material, equipment, and work that subcontractors conduct will undergo inspection and evaluation to ensure a successful project. Our team will verify that all vendor work meets safety and quality standards while adhering to the schedule. We coordinate with all contractors to mitigate disputes and maintain proper time and budget management.

Cost Tracking

Our construction management team ensures thorough accounting practices based on industry standards. We closely monitor all expenses to ensure adherence to the budget and account for every dollar.

Document Control

Documentation can be an overwhelming aspect of construction management. Our experts review all documentation in the pre-construction stages and keep it up to date throughout the project. We document materials, costs, union regulations, schedules, and local ordinances for reference and record-keeping. We also provide document interpretations for all parties.

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