At EDC Management Corp., we specialize in providing design, engineering, and project management services to building and construction customers in the industrial, commercial, architectural, and government sectors.


How We Meet Government Specifications and Standards

Government construction engineering projects are often subject to some of the strictest specifications and standards. To ensure we meet these stringent requirements, we always make sure to:

  • Abide by all local, state & federal regulations
  • Provide fair and accurate pricing
  • Prepare and submit proper documentation
  • Offer timely delivery

We are also proud to have the federal certifications necessary to apply for and work on government projects (i.e., with D-U-N-S® Number and CAGE Code). To government project clients, offer the same professional consultation services we provide to customers in other markets. These services include mechanical and structural engineering design, structural and mechanical engineering, and construction management.


Our Government Construction Project Capabilities


Design Services

Equipped with over 40 years of combined engineering and manufacturing experience, our computer-aided design (CAD) team has the knowledge and skills to create solutions for virtually any mechanical/structural engineering design project. Utilizing state-of-the-art design software, we create detailed, functional 2D and 3D models that facilitate the engineering and construction phases. Our designers can also use CAD technology to produce digital models of facilities that save time and money in future building and construction projects.

Our design services include:

  • New structural design creation for new building layouts, building addition layouts, and equipment support system drawings
  • Existing structural design modification for concrete and steel repair drawings, structural member modification drawings, condition assessments, monorail design drawing, and foundation modification drawings
  • Specialty design for Motor Control Center (MCC) room design layouts and office/space planning layouts
  • Mechanical engineering design for equipment condition assessments/troubleshooting, fire protection design layouts, HVAC design layouts, and process pipe drawings
  • 2D/3D CAD for structural design drawings, MEP design drawings, architectural design drawings, CAD-only, and more


Mechanical & Structural Engineering Services

We provide both structural and mechanical engineering services to our customers. Our structural engineering services help improve the value of a facility by decreasing risk and increase efficiency throughout the lifespan of the structure, while our mechanical engineering services improve the quality of the facility’s various mechanical equipment and systems.

Our structural engineering services include:

  • New structural design creation for agricultural, commercial/office, industrial/manufacturing, paper mill, and power plant structures
  • Existing structural design modification for building additions, operational modifications, foundation modifications, inspections, conditions assessments, repairs, retrofitting, restorations, and more

Our mechanical engineering services include:

  • Project management to ensure a cohesive project timeline and plan of action that meets the customer’s goals on time and on budget
  • Industrial process equipment design/modification/maintenance and repair to ensure the equipment and systems meet industry and government regulatory standards
  • Process system design/modification/repair to ensure all process equipment and systems (e.g., pumps, valves, heat exchangers, etc.) meet application requirements and industry and government regulatory standards
  • Facility equipment and system design to ensure all auxiliary equipment (e.g., HVAC systems, boilers, pressure vessels, plumbing systems, fire protection systems, storage tanks, compressed air systems, environmental systems, etc.) meet facility requirements and industry and government regulatory standards


Construction Management Services

Our project management team has over 130 years of combined experience providing management and support services for projects ranging from simple to highly complex. We provide a broad range of construction management capabilities to ensure each stage of the project is fully covered, including:

  • Scope development: We carefully develop the scope of the project to consider all project goals and expectations.
  • Budget and schedule control: We estimate total project costs, develop project timelines that account for budgetary restrictions and stakeholder milestones, and identify potential scheduling risks.
  • Graphical creation: We use 2D/3D CAD software to create graphical representations.
  • Bid development: We create a request for proposal (RFP) package for the bid phase.
  • Permit acquisition: We research and acquire all licenses, permits, and relevant legal documents needed for the construction project.
  • Site inspection: We regularly inspect the construction site to keep customers informed of the overall project status and any changes.
  • Subcontractor coordination: We verify all vendor work meets the necessary standards and coordinate with all contractors to resolve issues and remain on budget and schedule.
  • Cost tracking: We closely monitor expenses to ensure every dollar is accounted for and the project remains on budget.
  • Document control: We review all documentation and keep it up-to-date throughout the project. We also provide document interpretation if needed.
Government Construction


Government Construction Management Services From EDC Management Corp.

Choosing a construction engineering company with experience means that projects will be more transparent and streamlined. From the bidding process to post-construction document control and management, we are here to keep your project compliant and on schedule.

Our team of professionals has over 130 years of combined engineering and design experience, providing our clients in a wide array of sectors with high-quality services. To learn more about our services, or for more information on our engineering, construction design, and construction management capabilities, contact us or request a quote today.