Structural & Mechanical Engineering Services

At EDC Management Corp, we provide a wide variety of structural and mechanical engineering services for our clients. Structural engineering improves the facility’s value by minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency throughout the lifespan of the structure. Similarly, quality mechanical engineering requires an experienced level of design, manufacturing, analysis and maintenance of mechanical systems.

Structural Engineering Services

Structural engineering sets the foundation for a strong, quality structure that can provide years of reliable service. When you incorporate professional design and engineering services into your construction project, you can ensure that all relevant standards and requirements are accounted for as safely as possible. Starting with a plan reduces the total time cost of any project, both by ensuring good design and reducing the risk of mistakes or needing to go backward.

New Structural Designs

New agricultural, industrial, and commercial facilities can be complex structures. Our engineers can methodically plan out the structural elements for buildings, infrastructure, power, and more. We not only work with new buildings, but also building additions and equipment support systems. Types of structures we provide structural engineering services for include:

Construction Types of Structures:

  • Concrete
  • Food Processing Facilities
    • Engineering design & expertise to accommodate higher standards for food processing facilities
  • Masonry
  • Steel
  • Wood

Industry Types of Structures

  • Agricultural
  • Commercial & Office
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Paper Mills
  • Power Plants

Existing Structural Design Modifications

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Structural & Mechanical Engineering Services

Modifying existing structures can be even more complicated than creating brand new construction in terms of space efficiency, cohesion, and compliance with standards. Talk to our team about modification projects, such as:

  • Building additions
  • Modified operations at industrial facilities
  • Foundation modifications
  • Inspection, condition assessment, and repair of existing building structures
    • Development of repair solutions that allow operations to continue uninterrupted
    • Roof repair and replacement
    • Floor repair and replacement
  • Slab on grade
  • Elevated slab
  • Development of concrete, steel, masonry, and wood repair procedures
  • Emergency response for damage assessment and shoring
    • Rating of existing monorails
    • Retrofitting of existing building structures
  • Retrofit, restoration, and repair of building envelopes for existing buildings
  • Evaluation/retrofit on floors and foundations for new equipment loads
  • Mezzanines and elevated platforms
  • Retaining walls/sheet piling
  • Truck and rail loading docks
  • Overhead and man doors
  • Firewalls
  • Utility protection and support
    • Structural member modifications

Some of our other structural engineering services & capabilities include:

Facility Operations

  • Lifting devices and associated support structures
    • CMAA 70/74 and ASME BTH-1 Standards
    • Monorails
    • Jib cranes
    • Lifting and spreader beams
    • Lifting fixtures for large-scale manufacturing processes
    • Crane rail support structures
  • Equipment support structures
    • Conveyor supports
    • Tanks and silos
    • Towers
    •  Electrical transformers and equipment
  • OSHA-compliant maintenance platforms, stairs, ladders, and walkways for operations
  • OSHA-compliant fall arrest systems
  • Design of storage systems for material handling and fabrication
    • Fabrication stands
    • Storage racks
    • Industrial storage cages

Dam Facilities

  • Taintor gate repair
  • Trash rack design and repair
  • Sea wall repairs and modifications
  • Pier repairs
  • Stop log design
  • Flashboard design
  • Powerhouse-related repairs and inspections
  • FERC-QCIP certified


  • Fixed earth station satellite antenna structures
    • Structural integrity
    • Deflection analysis
  • Mobile satellite antenna structures and systems
    • Structural integrity
    • Deflection analysis
  • Wireless communication towers
  • Coordination with radio frequency (RF), electrical, and mechanical operations
  • Coordination with manufacturing and installation operations

Building Code Expertise, including:

  • IBC
  • ASCE 7
  • AISC 360
  • ACI 318
  • ACI 530/TMS 402
  • NDS

EDC Management’s Structural Engineering Design Methodology

At EDC Management, we use a collaborative process to combine designing and engineering goals throughout the project creating process. We use CAD software to create detailed 3D renderings that simultaneously prioritize the efficiency, layout, and practicality for each project.

Visit our design page to learn more about our methodology and how we can help create your next project’s structural blueprint.

Mechanical Engineering Services

At EDC Management Corp we offer a full suite of mechanical engineering services.  These services include:

Project Management

Our project management consultants will work with you to create a cohesive timeline and plan for your project to ensure it meets your goals on time and within budget.

Industrial Process Equipment Projects

EDC will work with you to design or modify an industrial process that meets your facility’s and your business’s unique needs.  We design and modify systems that comply with industrial and governmental regulatory standards.  We also offer maintenance and repair consulting as well.

  • Paper Manufacturing
    • Wood handling
    • Pulp processing
    • Papermaking
    • Converting
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Specialty Packaging/Converting
  • Raw & Waste Water Treatment
  • Surface mining – frac sand processing and conveying
  • Air Handling & Make-up Air Systems
    • Dust handling/explosion mitigation
    • Ventilation
    • Hoods
  • General Equipment condition assessments
  • General Equipment troubleshooting

Process System Design/ Modifications/ Repairs

  • B31.3 process piping
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Heat recovery
  • Heat exchangers
  • Corrosion-resistant systems (FRP)
  • Mechanical conveying – belts, augers
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Mixing
  • Filtering
  • Metering

HVAC Designs & Calculations (Industrial/ Commercial/ Institutional/ Residential)

  • New systems
  • Upgrades/retrofits
  • Modifications
  • Repairs
  • Motor Control Center (MCC) HVAC & Corrosion Control Design related to Mechanical Engineering
  • Required documentation (design drawings & permitting)


  • ASME BPVC Section I
  • B31.1 power piping
  • Commercial space heating
  • Industrial process heating
    • Generation
    • Heat recovery
    • Distribution

Pressure Vessels

  • ASME BPVC Section VIII
  • Boiler deaerators
  • Compressed air tanks
  • Boiler feedwater treatment
  • Digesters

Plumbing & Fire Protection

Fire protection systems are heavily regulated requirements for any agricultural, commercial, or industrial space.  EDC can design your system(s) to meet safety standards and to ensure reliable performance with minimal maintenance.  We also design plumbing systems for spaces ranging from large industrial/commercial facilities to multi-story buildings.

  • Domestic water
  • Fire suppression system design
  • Fire pump & standpipe systems
  • Sanitary systems
  • Stormwater

Storage Tanks (API code 650, 653, 620)

  • Water
  • Oils
  • Chemicals

Compressed Air Systems

  • Generation
    • Compressors
    • Dryers
    • Filters
    • Heat exchangers
  • Distribution & controls


  • Spill containment
  • Vapor emissions
    • Dust collectors
    • Filters
    • Scrubbers
    • VOC thermal oxidation systems

Fabrication & Testing

  • Weld consulting & design
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) facilitation

Engineering Services from EDC Management

Structural/Mechanical design and engineering plans start your project off right by strategizing the most cost-effective and safe options for your project. Our design and engineering teams are here to help with new construction projects, modifying existing structures, and creating complex structural designs and mechanical systems, simply request a quote. Contact us today to get started.